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  • Strider's Pix are Up!

    engagement prezzies

    Here's the Walgreen's link to the engagement photos that Strider took the day before our wedding.


    Added by Sarah on Sun, May 2nd 2010

  • Reception, Engagement, and more Wedding Pix

    Photos album at Walgreen online

    Just a heads up that we are adding some of Strider's amazing pix to the mix!


    Just as soon as I can remember our password... Hmm...

    Added by Sarah on Mon, Apr 19th 2010

  • Wedding Pix

    Online Wedding Album

    Our wedding album is now online and ready for your viewing/printing pleasure. Just go to this Walgreen's link:


    Added by Sarah on Sun, Mar 14th 2010

  • We HEART You!


    What an amazing, overwhelming gift of love it was to see you all at our wedding! It was not only everything that I had hoped, but even a few things that surprised me. Like, rain!

    You all showed us what true friends look like, and I thank you for coming to Tucson for THE BEST PARTY EVER.

    We're in the process of assembling an online photo album so that anyone can print our wedding photos at any Walgreens near you. So, send your pix to either Pete or myself, please, and we will be happy to include them.

    (Mucho gracias to Barry and Michelle for already sending some great shots)

    Added by Sarah on Sat, Mar 6th 2010

  • Honeymoon in Sedona

    Photos album at Walgreen online

    Find and print, or just peek at, our honeymoon photos in Sedona (plus, Walgreens is running a 25% off special if you order before March 6!)

    Added by Sarah on Fri, Mar 5th 2010

  • Cupcakes!

    Mothers and Daughters Tea

    Here's a look at some of the yummy goodies that Jenny prepared for the Mothers and Daughters Tea for this afternoon from 1-3 o'clock.

    Added by Sarah on Fri, Feb 26th 2010

  • Open House Saturday 2-4pm

    Good Eats!

    Come by our house this Saturday from 2-4pm for a chili and cornbread meal and a chance to meet our four hens, our friendly kitty (Sam) and see our comfy home.

    We'll be chilling and greeting all our out of town guests in a relaxed atmosphere; so come by and say, "hi!"

    (Please call either Pete or myself for directions, as we have no intention of informing the entire web-iverse where we live.)

    Added by Sarah on Thu, Feb 25th 2010

  • Singing in the Rain!

    Prezzies We Love

    Saguaro Park, Tucson, AZ

    Picnic in Saguaro Park

    We were given a sweet backpack picnic set with a built-in insulator by Kay and Debbie (and the boys) for our wedding, and we took it out for a spin Sunday afternoon.

    After a quick stop to Trader Joe’s for some Farmhouse Cheddar, a baguette, apples, chocolate, fizzy juice and a mustard-y Nicoise salad (about $20) we had lunch packed neatly in each of the pockets.

    The pack kept our groceries cool in the trunk while we hiked, and then was easy to transport to the picnic area. The cleverest part of the pack was a tiny, wooden cutting board with a sharp, serrated knife, which we used to slice into the creamy Cheddar and juicy apples.

    Our verdict: an easy and stylish way to carry a lunch to go that will last cold or hot for hours.
    Thanks for the awesome picnic pack!

    Added by Sarah on Mon, Feb 22nd 2010

  • Travel Case

    I Made It!

    Here's a sneak peek at our "Travel Case." The idea is that it's a case for friends and family to pack with well wishes for the future.
    I pinned in the cards that guests have already sent in, and the deep pocket can hold several cards.
    At the base is a vintage pillow case with the word MRS embroidered.
    We'll take the travel case with us to Sedona on our honeymoon, so that we can carry all the kind thoughts of our friends and family with us.
    Can't wait to see you in a week!

    Added by Sarah on Fri, Feb 19th 2010

  • Romantic Dinner at our Favorite Diner

    Cafe 54 is Da Bomb!

    Cafe 54, downtown

    Luckily, we avoided the two-hour wait at the Sizzler last night for a 6:30 reservation at the unusually lovely Cafe 54 downtown.
    They celebrated "Valentine's Eve" with a live jazz band playing Chett Baker hits (minus the high-pitched singing), a four course menu, and the excellent service we have all come to expect.
    Pete imbibed a glass of sparkling peach cider, which naturally complemented his choice of crab-stuffed mushrooms, French onion soup, quail, and chocolate-orange mousse.
    I elected a flute of bubbly sparking wine (can't say Champagne unless it comes from France, darling) with a decadent pastry of escargot, also the French onion soup (mmm, cheesy!), the sea bass in a creamy, lemony sauce, and the fresh fruit trifle.
    Of course, as you can guess, I grew full at about the second course... so it's trifle for breakfast! Yum!

    Added by Sarah on Sun, Feb 14th 2010

  • Sneak Peek!

    Wedding Clothes

    Our Front Yard, Chicken Coop House

    Offering you a sneak peek at our wedding clothes, so that you can see what the unofficial dress code looks like: comfortable, semi-casual with jackets and dresses, and a little vintage.

    Added by Sarah on Sat, Jan 30th 2010

  • A Schedule of Sorts

    Or, What We Think Will Happen When

    Tucson, AZ

    So, guests have been requesting a general run-down on the schedule surrounding the Best Party Ever. Despite being teachers, we're not planning to adhere to a strick Pavlovian bell schedule, but we do have a general idea of what's happening when.

    Thursday and Friday: Rodeo Days, hang out with early guests.

    Friday afternoon: Sarah's mom, Jenny, is planning a girls' get together (details to follow)

    Saturday: Open House Chili Cook-out (details to follow) at our home

    Saturday afternoon: Rehearsal and decorating at BoGar for wedding party(details to follow)

    Sunday morning: Be there or be square

    Sunday afternoon: Stay at BoGar til 4pm, if you'd like (closing time)

    Sunday evening thru Wednesday: Honeymoon

    Added by Sarah on Sat, Jan 30th 2010

  • DIY style

    Calling all talented people!

    Botanical Gardens

    Hi! So, we know that you all are a talented bunch with skills ranging from cooking and decorating to videotaping. We are hosting our wedding DIY (Do It Yourself) style, not only considering budget constraints but also our shared value of having a good time with the people we love. Since some guests have been inquiring about gifts (see Handmade Gifts for more info) I thought I'd put this on the table. You, lovely invited guests, of course are not obligated to follow any of these ideas, but here is our unofficial DIY REGISTRY:

    • Polaroid Photographer (we provide film and camera) for guest book
    • Videotaper (anyone have a camera or memory?) of ceremony
    • Lots of Photographers (send us your favorite shots!) for ceremony/reception
    • Decorators (we provide party decor) for ceremony/reception site
    • Cake Cutter (we provide cake)
    • Clean-up Supervisor (we provide supplies)

    Added by Sarah on Sat, Jan 23rd 2010

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  • Fronimo's Greek Cafe

    Great Local Eats

    Speedway, across from the Loft Cinema (parking in back)

    Nancy (aka the Love Bubble) and I went to lunch at Fronimo's today, which is right across from the alternative Loft Cinema in Tucson, AZ. It really is cafe-style with an a la carte menu, food trays, and a casual atmosphere (Oh, and they are also the 2009 Tucson Weekly best Greek restaurant). I ordered the soup special, which was lemony rice chicken soup (sans the chicken, of course) and a side of spanokopita. Nancy had a lovely chicken kebab with fresh pita bread and fries. They also have baklava and homemade, fresh onion rings. Our meals each came in under $10, including tips, tax and drinks. Four stars!

    Added by Sarah on Sat, Jan 23rd 2010

  • Tea House

    next to our wedding site


    Added by Pete on Sat, Jan 16th 2010

  • New York Times feature on Tucson

    36 hours in Tucson


    I would add:

    Food: Martin's Comida Chingona (Mexican) and Bumsteds (unique diner food and sports bar) on 4th Ave
    Mariscos Chihuahua for Mexican seafood
    Govinda's Hare Krishna restaurant for vegetarian buffet on Sundays
    Grill- a 100 yr old diner open 24/7 downtown on Congress

    Music: Rainbow Guitars to see the best in Martin, Gibson, Fender and Gretsch & Plush to see modern music in a small setting.

    Movies: The Loft Cinema for independent and foreign films, $2 cheesy horror movies on Mondays

    Hiking: Catalina State Park, Mount Lemmon (to see snow) and the Rillito path 

    Science: Pima Air and Space Museum, Desert Museum, Tohono Chul Park (means "desert corner"- a quick way to see a bit of the desert without going too far) and Kitt Peak observatory and the Univ of Arizona 

    Art:  Tucson Museum of Art and the boutiques on 4th Ave/6th Street, Univ of Arizona Center for Creative Photography Museum

    Added by Pete on Tue, Jan 5th 2010

  • Looking for Lovely, Talented People!


    Calling out to all the lovely, talented friends and family out there!

    We are starting to put together the Wedding Program, and realizing that we still need a lot of help on the big day. If you would like to gift us with your time and effort, we would love to hear from people who are interested in:
    • photography
    • set-up or take-down
    • pick-up/delivery
    • contact/phone calls
    • baking

    Just post a comment, or think about it, and we will be listing positions on the "Do We Have A Job For You!" page.

    Thank you!

    Added by Sarah on Mon, Dec 28th 2009

  • Easy Cake Cutter Project

    We made it!

    Tucson, AZ

    Mom and I spent time during her visit to Tucson in November decorating an inexpensive set of cake cutters. She brought some silver colored charms, white flowers, and ribbon to tie around the handles. Total time: 10 minutes, tops. Verdict: totally doable wedding project

    Added by Sarah on Fri, Dec 18th 2009

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Some people think T-Giving is a stupid holiday since in a lot of the giving was the Pilgrims giving smallpox to the Natives. In reality the holiday was created by Abe Lincoln and probably not as a commemoration of a phony baloney event. The first Prez George Washington also wanted the country to have a monthly day of fasting and thanksgiving. So maybe I will fast this holiday....... Just kiddin'

    Added by Pete on Sun, Nov 22nd 2009

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  • Fly Frontier

    Frontier airlines out of Sarah's hometown Denver was great at correcting my error for free. 

    Added by Pete on Sun, Nov 22nd 2009

  • La Banda

    with apologies hasta Gustavo Arellano (Ask A Mexican)

    All y'all are esperando to escchar songs with a bit of that salsa in it. To skip a step or two around the old Sombrero and to go "Orale, vamos a bailarrrrrrrrrr". Well a few meses ago Sarah, Nancy y Yo saw a great acoustic conjunto on the Calle 4th. They are A Son y Sol which means "to the song and to the sun". They also tocar in La Indita Restaurant on Friday nights. The chicos are from Mexico, Ecuador and Peru and play all kids of boleros and danceable music from all over Latin America.

    Added by Pete on Sun, Nov 22nd 2009

  • Send in Your Replies, Please!


    Thank you to everyone who has already let us know whether or not you can make it to the Best Party Ever in February '10. Isabel and Harutiun will be there "with Bells on!" which should greatly add to the festivity of it all. We will be missing Sarah's grandma, Joanie, but she says hi and sent pix of her purty new pup.

    Added by Sarah on Sat, Nov 14th 2009

  • Tagging

    handmade goodies

    Loving these handmade tags by mammyshop at Etsy! I've already found a use for them for our rustic kitchen/dining area, and you'll see them again gracing the tables in February.

    Added by Sarah on Sun, Nov 8th 2009

  • Just Wing It

    Wedding Clothes

    So, our Bubble of Love, Nancy (see "Do We Have a Job for You!") and our little nieces, Dragitha (Tabitha on her birth certificate, when she's not being a dragon) and Juliette (Juliette, amazing performer and budding musician) are donning wings for the Best Party Ever this February.

    Pete and took some time to take pix at the Botanical Gardens, and we found this colorful monarch butterfly cut-out, which I of course had to pose with.

    It's not too late to pick up a pair of wings at the after Halloween sales, if that's your fancy!

    Added by Sarah on Sun, Nov 1st 2009

  • They're coming - oooh! Part II


    Thanks to everyone who's replying before the November 10th due date - we're trying to stay caught up and organized here at the Chicken Coop House, and it helps that you're being so prompt in your responses!

    Since the last post, we welcome our officiant Bruce from Chicago (yay! he's coming), his sister Barbara and her partner Alien from Tucson, new parents Dan and Michelle from St. Louis, Gallup peeps Lindsay, Lester, Linda, Emily and Jeremy (nice handwriting!) as well as my lovely mother Jenny. Declining with regrets are Aunt Tammy and Uncle Mike - miss you!

    Here is a photo of me with Dan and Michelle at their baby shower in September. To see more friends and family photos, check out the page "Do we have a job for you!". Enjoy!

    Added by Sarah on Sat, Oct 31st 2009

  • What's with the Buttons?


    So, enquiring minds want to know what's with the buttons on the invitations. I mentioned in a previous post that we reused materials for our invites - a nice tie-in to my family tradition of collecting old buttons - and that they originally came from the bouquet and corsage.

    The button bouquet itself is unique and was handmade by the lovely letters4lilly at Etsy. She also utilized buttons in the groom's corsage, and replicated the tiny, ceramic animals in the bouquet in the pair of deer cake toppers.

    Other Etsy purchases have been my silk and hemp (not specifically wedding) dress by consciousclothing and my wedding coat from amandaarcher our adorable *cupcake* ring bearer pillows from swarmypants, wedding bands from rennaissancejewelry (the ultimate amazing deal in jewelry), and the invitation postcards from seasonaldelights.

    Other fun and handmade details coming up - like the inspiring place cards created by mammysshop, centerpieces with paper cakes by daisyanddots, and wooden flags by baumbirdy.

    It's a handmade wedding! Can't wait to see you all come and enjoy it.

    Love, Sarah

    Added by Sarah on Sat, Oct 31st 2009

  • They're coming - oooh!


    Hi! Just went through the mail and got my first group of replies.

    Thank you Burt and Sheila (future parents-in-law), Scott, and Aunt Roxana and Uncle Rod. Can't wait to see you in February!

    Here's a cute pic of Scott (Pete's youngest bro) and Me hanging out.

    Added by Sarah on Tue, Oct 20th 2009

  • Bob Dylan at the State Fair

    Sarah's first Dylan show

    I have now seen Bob Dylan seven times since 1987. This was Sarah's first time, although, she doesn't remember but we both saw Bob's guitarist Charlie Sexton for free at the Rialto in Tucson back in September. Dylan has been performing non stop since the early 90s to show he's not a museum piece, that he is a working rocker despite his almost 70 years of age. The crowd Saturday night was psyched and they got a great show. It started right on time. Although Dylan began with an obscure blues song he did in 1990 "Cat's In the Well" the crowd loved the power of George Receli's drums and Charlie Sexton's lead guitar. At this point Dylan's voice is hanging by a thread- but he makes up for it with stretching and screaming and growling out the notes and famous words with all he's got. The familiar chord's of "Lay Lady Lay" introduced a version that is faithful to the 1969 original while being reborn as a shrieking plea. "Stuck Inside of Mobile..." was not only rockin' but Bob sang it like he had just recorded it back in Columbia's Nashville studios as in 1965. He newer songs from his CD TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE were on target as they match his new voice. "Jolene" (no not Dolly Parton's song) was a fresh Texas two step where Dylan convinces a girl "I am the king/you are the queen". I got a new appreciation for his new tune "If You Ever Go To Houston", which most folk purists will know is based on a line in the famous Lead Belly song "Midnight Special". But in the best songwriting tradition, Dylan focuses on this warning and has us head his call "if you ever go to Dallas" and to" Boston" Building a line from a folk song or other song and including a line or using it was the basis for a song is a trick he really has been doing since 1961 - we just didn't know it then. The show had few surprises, especially if you follow tour set lists at bobkinks.com but he never sings a song the same way twice and his closer, "All Along the Watchtower" must be in it;s 15th incarnation. These days Dylan punches each word as they slink down the minor chord forest. The light show too was tasteful, dramatic and not overly done. His band mates were dressed in shiny black, Dylan had a gaucho hat. During two songs he sang alone with only a harmonica, gesturing to the crowd like a crooner, a preacher or a song and dance man. Mostly he played a keyboard which though silent except for a few familiar notes during "LIke A Rolling Stone" suited him as if one knows Dylan, this was his first instrument when he tried to copy Little Richard in high school. We also had a good time at the Arizona State Fair, in downtown Phoenix, in a beat up old section of town that probably was the outskirts of town only a few decades ago. We had a nice trip on the sky tram which took us down the midway and saw huge cows and goats. After a late night dinner at IHOP we got back to Tucson at a minute past midnight.

    Added by Pete on Sun, Oct 18th 2009

  • It's in the mail...


    They're making their way across the country, sneaking into your mailboxes, surprising the unwary, and bringing news of an impending event: the best party ever.

    Yes, invitations are finally done, and the first wave is circulating among family and friends (second wave of people who we really need addresses for soon to follow).

    Neither one is exactly the same, and I hope you enjoy how we managed to reuse:
    -pages from a reprint of an old Sears catalogue
    -Sarah's grandpa's Sierra Club envelopes
    -leftover buttons from the button bouquet and corsage
    -ribbons bought in some ribbon-buying frenzy years back
    -our very own hands to write out the relevant info

    I've included a sticker with each one to help you seal the reply envelope, and feel free to send us a little note when you RSVP!

    The tiny business cards are designed to give you all the stats in a wallet-sized 1-2-3 punch - keep them in your wallet until the big day.

    More info to follow on pre-wed events like a hot dog and s'mores bonfire...

    Love, Sarah

    Added by Sarah on Sun, Oct 18th 2009

  • And the Bride wore... Chicken!

    Wedding Clothes

    So, my handmade fascinator from Etsy artist Croska came, and I had to put it on - immediately.

    The Bride will be wearing feathers, as all fashionable ladies are substituting last year's merengue for this year's trend of animal imitation.

    I love the short do that my hairstylist, Liz, from Tony & Guys did.

    (no chickens were harmed in the making of this hairpiece)

    Added by Sarah on Sat, Oct 3rd 2009

  • Inspiration From The Corpse Bride

    "I do NOT, not want to get married!"

    So, Pete and I are busy coming up with spectacular wedding invites, delicious brunch ideas, and all around wedding amazingness.

    And all of this constant creativity is slightly exhausting. I am constantly reminding myself that the point is to get married, and have a nice party, and NOT to spend too much money and quibble over small details (it's not a true fight, really, more of an experience in developing shared values - yeah).

    But, in the midst of wedding craziness, it's entertaining to take a break from perfection. My inspiration this month is from Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride, and more particularly a scene where depicting the most awful wedding rehearsal ever. Just makes me smile.

    Hopefully no one's dress will get lit on fire at our wedding.

    Five months to go and counting...


    Added by Sarah on Sat, Aug 29th 2009

  • Update: July

    Where, when, and yummy stuff!

    Yummy Stuff
    Pete and I spent yesterday eating a glorious lunch at Cafe 54 in downtown Tucson. Cafe 54 supports local artists and people with mental illnesses by providing them job training and experience in the food business.

    The main downtown hub has trendy, exposed brickwork walls, a fresh and local menu, and super-friendly staff. We showed up about twenty minutes early (thanks to my awesome parking job - woohoo!) and asked for Carrie, the Catering Manager. The cashier replied with, "Oh, you must be Sarah and Pete - congratulations!" Wow.

    From that point on we were treated like King and Queen, with a lunch of lobster salad and jerk chicken, refreshing cups of hibiscus tea and prickly pear tea, and desert of maple pecan coffee cake and mexican chocolate pie. Carrie herself was amazing, a recent transplant from Vermont, who is simply delightful to talk to and gave us both hugs at the end.

    So, not only are the food and service amazing, but Carrie was also able to give us more details about the unique purpose of Cafe 54. The people who prepared our food, who brought it to the table, and who bussed the table were all people that have a history of mental illness. They also staff the Gardens Cafe at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, where we first found out about Cafe 54.

    Where and When
    Pete and I finally have some details figured out (drumroll, please): the day of the Best Party Ever will be Sunday, February 28th, 2010 at the Tucson Botanical Gardens Porter Hall.

    Bring your sunscreen, your sunny attitudes, and maybe even a pair of shades. The future's so bright...

    See you there! Sarah

    Added by Sarah on Sat, Jul 11th 2009

  • She said


    Hi! So excited to have blog to post all of our Engagement frou-frou. No gift registries, bridal party, or even wedding in the works yet, but you can check out our timeline and photo album. Enjoy! And leave comments : )

    Added by Sarah on Thu, Mar 5th 2009