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  • Tucson, AZ

    Hi! I was born in California, raised in Denver, Colorado, and have just recently moved to Tucson with my fiance, Pete.

    Before that, I lived for three years in Gallup, New Mexico where I got my Special Education teaching license and Pete and I met and fell in love.

    I served in the Peace Corps abroad in Morocco for 2 1/2 years where I got a lot of "me" time and did a lot of laundry by hand... in a river.

    Here I am, back in the developed world, and I have a deep abiding affection for my washing machine and my fridge.

    Added by Sarah (the Bride) on Sat, Aug 15th 2009

  • Tucson, AZ

    I met Sarah because she got to Gallup a few months earlier than all the new teachers. I had jusat come back from a few weeks in Mexico and was flat broke. I saw her in the Graduate School's computer lab and I asked her name. If she said, "Excuse me?" or "Why?" we wouldn't have this webite. Instead she said her name in a beautiful voice with a friendly smile. Her name as a great ring to it (that's why she isn't changing it-plus I hate heiphened names). The day I met her I planned to go to a bachelor party in Albuquerque. I cancelled going to Abq since the famous Native actor Gary Farmer was in town (Gallup) giving a lecture and showing his movies. It seemed impressive enough to get Sarah to go. Our friends Lester and Linda showed up too. The rest is history or better yet OURstory.

    Added by Pete on Sat, Oct 24th 2009

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  • Chandler AZ

    Can't wait to see Sarah's unique vision come together.

    Added by Heather Covitz on Sun, Nov 1st 2009

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  • Dallas, TX

    Hey guys! I haven't sent my RSVP yet, but looks like I will be coming to the wedding!! Looking forward to it!....but I can't seem to add a pin on your map?

    Added by Cousin Fred on Wed, Nov 4th 2009

  • Father of the Groom

    Looking forward to what appears to be a unique experience. Still wondering how many people will be attending and whether the person performing the ceremony will be authorized to sign the wedding certificate.

    Added by Burt Covitz on Sun, Nov 22nd 2009

  • Greetings from Uncle Frank

    Lebanon, New Jersey

    Sara - Looking forward to greeting a new member of the Covitz family.

    Pete - Its about time you stopped enjoying your life and get married.

    Guess where the picture was taken.

    Added by Frank Covitz on Tue, Dec 1st 2009

  • Wedding fervor

    Congrats from River City

    St. Louis

    We're looking forward to coming to the wedding!  It's going to be Ella's first airplane trip.  I'm getting a couple days off work as well so we can make it a full out vacation.

    Added by Dan on Sun, Dec 20th 2009

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